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Welcome to The Peter Bowden Show,  featuring audio content from my work helping leaders grow thriving congregations, ministries, and justice efforts.   For more, please visit my website at


Dec 16, 2019

An overview of my community-building goals, plans for this podcast, and what we can accomplish together.


1 — I want to help you bring new community-building efforts into established organizations that previously have had very little focus on community.

2 — Local organizations directly serving and supporting the community, I want to help you deepen and expand your small group offerings, connecting events and community building efforts.

3— Those of you who are not affiliated with any organization at all, I want to help you create and lead amazing community groups to enrich your lives.

I’m talking community and small groups for life, leadership, activism, and beyond.

I’m going to share with you how to design, launch, and lead a small group that can be created to support whatever areas of life you care about.

Through my project The Small Group Lab, I’m sharing open source models for group gathering.  That's coming after the New Year.

Right now I’m working on new templates and guides.  Whatever you want to explore with others and use as a springboard for discussion, we can put that in a small group session.

I want to empower you and the organizations you're affiliated with to promote connection, conversation, and meaningful community.