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Sep 23, 2020

In this ministry strategy session, differentiating between REOPENING, RELAUNCHING, and REIMAGINING your ministry!     
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Covid19 has rapidly accelerated existing digital and cultural trends.   We’ve probably seen 10 years worth of change over the last six months.   
In addition to efforts to reopen and relaunch worship services, programs and ministries, we need to make time to reimagine how we do ministry for this new and changing world.  
Think about it this way. Imagine you and your congregation have been transported against your will through time 10+ years into the future!   Now that you're here, what do you need to do to get oriented, adapt, and be of service?
If you were transported 10 years into the future, what would your congregation do?   To  get oriented?  To adapt?  To learn new skills, tools, and strategies?    
We need to make time and space for these conversations.  If we don’t, congregations slip even further out of sync with the communities they are called to serve.